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While we’re just getting this website up and running this will be your goto place where we will be able to include updates about events and community happening around us. Please let us know what you want by tweeting us @CentralSoma

Prices Dropping in attractive neighborhood

There has never been a better time to move to Central SOMA. In just a few months prices have dropped from record levels creating opportunities for lower rent and lower sale prices. A two bedroom/two bath rental that would have gone for as much as $6,000/month in 2019...

“Safe” tent encampments in parking lots?

Supervisors Sandra Lee Fewer and Gordon Mar have proposed adapting parks and parking spaces to create a safer space for homeless than on the sidewalk. The Chronicle has an excellent Fifth & Mission podcast which devoted an episode to interviewing Rafael Mandelman...

San Francisco's emerging midtown neighborhood


A new subway line, new dense development offering the promise of thousands of jobs and housing units, and even a new park herald a new district connecting Market with Mission Bay.  

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Our Story

San Francisco is a city of diverse neighborhoods, and one of the big trends over time remains large neighborhoods transitioning into clusters of smaller neighborhoods.Historically the whole civilized city basically ended “South of the Slot” i.e. Market Street, with the industrial neighborhoods carrying a stinky reputation, not to mention smell. Not just the subject of an eponymous Jack London novel, distinct (and now largely forgotten) microneighborhoods evolved such as a large Phillipino Community where Moscone Center now stands, and farther south the farms of Goat Hill, now known as Potrero Hill.


In the 1980s and 1990s light industry transitioned into hip lofts climaxing with the Dot-Com bubble. Over the past twenty years density, and building height, increased with a catalytic investment by the government first of the T-Third Muni line in the 2000s and accelerated by the T-Third Central Subway extension scheduled to open any year now.


With what will be the first major subway line opened in San Francisco in decades, urban planners encouraged developers to build tall buildings that will take advantage of this new infrastructure, and optimal location between downtown and Mission Bay.


City Planners have an Idaho-shaped neighborhood definition, see the map to the left. At Central SoMa we take a slightly more broad expression of the neighborhood as being bounded roughly by Market, 7th Street, 2nd Street and Mission Creek. Either way this neighborhood will continue to rapidly evolve into the San Francisco equivalent of Mid-Town with more housing, offices, amenities and transit over the next few years.






Oracle Park

Home of the San Francisco Giants!

Part of what is great about our neighborhood is proximity to Major League  Baseball. 

South Park

A historic park and communityspace

A full block of greenery in one of the oldest parks in San Francisco. Recently renovated it attracts both lunch crowds and families.

Caltrain Depot

Connecting the Bay Area

Many neighborhood participants ride Caltrain to, and from, home and life. It is home to the annual Christmas Train.

Special Events

August 18, 2019

Sunday Streets

Thousands of neighbors gather for music, art and community along with 1.3 mile of a closed Folsom Street.

December 7-9 2019

Caltrain Christmas Train

A Caltrain Tradition starts at the Depot with Santa, musicians and holiday cheer for good children of all ages.